Ways to Pay at the Farmers Market

Cash, tokens, and other ways to pay at farmers markets

All farmers markets accept cash, but many accept the forms of payment listed below, as well. Check the Market Directory to see which of these forms of payment are accepted at your local farmers market.

Credit/Debit Cards
Some markets use a token system that allow you to swipe your credit/debit card in exchange for tokens that the vendors accept like cash. Other markets can point you to a near-by ATM.

SNAP/EBT/Bridge Cards
At many markets, you can swipe your Bridge Card for tokens, which can be exchanged with vendors for eligible foods. Bridge card holders can also receive free tokens for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and food-bearing plants with the Double Up Food Bucks program at participating markets. Watch the video to the right of the screen to learn how to use you EBT Card and Double Up Food Bucks at participating farmers markets. Then follow this link if you would like to Learn more.

For now, there is not a way to use normal WIC benefits at most farmers markets. However, the WIC Project FRESH program is one way WIC participants may receive free coupons for produce at markets. If you are interested in this program, contact your WIC office in April or May to sign up. Learn more.

Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH
Senior citizens of a certain income may qualify for Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH coupons to be use for fruits, vegetables, food-bearing plants, herbs, or honey. Contact Washtenaw County Health Department at 734-544-3078 to find out how to enroll.

Prescription for Health
Prescription for Health vouchers can be redeemed for tokens at participating markets, which can be spent on fresh produce. Prescription for Health connects clients of select health clinics to the farmers markets- to see if your clinic participates in Prescription for Health, or to find out more, click here!

Hoophouses for Health
The Hoophouses for Health program provides low- or no-interest loans to farmers to buy hoophouses. Your Hoophouses for Health vouchers are eligible for fresh produce from participating farmers. The vouchers help those vendors repay their loan! Learn more.

Inter-Market Token Use
Washtenaw County markets participate in many token programs, all with their own specific rules. Some of these may be used at multiple markets, but not all. If a token has the name of a market on it, it is most likely only good at that market. Ask the market team for help understanding how to use the tokens you have!

Leftover Tokens
Please note that our coupon programs have expiration dates for the end of the year. Most EBT tokens and the Double Up Food Bucks tokens, however, do not expire. You can bring them back to the market from week-to-week or even season-to-season to spend at the market.

Learn how to double your Bridge Card dollars when you buy Michigan fruits & veggies!

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